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    ? ? ? ?消費者和患者的安全是強生視力健公司的首要考慮因素,我們堅持高標準的產品質量和客戶滿意度。我們已在國內主動召回安視優?舒日?散光(30片)特定批號產品,原因是部分隱形眼鏡產品未達到質量標準。受本次召回影響的產品數量較少,僅涉及來自五個特定批號(3957490107, 3957490109, 3957500104, 3957500108, 3957500111)的250盒安視優?舒日?散光(30片)產品。重要的是,目前我們在中國沒有收到任何相關的不良反應報告。

    ? ? ? ?我們對此問題非常重視,已第一時間采取行動,啟動主動召回程序,并將持續改進質量管控。不受本次召回影響的安視優?品牌產品可以按照使用說明書放心使用。

    如您對產品有任何疑問,請隨時撥打我們的客戶熱線電話400 882 3636。我們樂于為您解答任何問題,并且提供您所需要的幫助。

    ? ? ? ?保護消費者的眼睛健康是我們的首要責任。強生視力健公司將一如既往地為消費者提供安全、有效的產品。



    At Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, our top priority is patient safety and we hold ourselves to high standards for product quality and customer satisfaction.

    We have voluntarily recalled two full and one partial master lots of 1-DAY ACUVUE? MOIST? for ASTIGMATISM Contact Lenses in China because they do not meet quality standards. The quantity of stock affected is low, involving only 250 boxes from five products lots – 3957490107, 3957490109, 3957500104, 3957500108 and 3957500111. Importantly, there have been no adverse reports or reports of harm in China.

    We have identified the cause, taken corrective action, and are planning to implement even stronger manufacturing and quality controls based on learnings from this event. ACUVUE? Brand Contact Lenses not impacted by this recall are safe when used as directed and can continue to be used with confidence.

    For any questions on your lenses, please call us at 400 882 3636. We can answer your questions and provide assistance as per your request.

    At Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, we continue to strive for the highest quality products for our customers. We remain fully committed to serving China and our customers and/or patients with safe and effective products.